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Product categories
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Disposable medical devices and consumables 

Syringes, IV sets, blood transfusion systems, surgical dressings

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Interventional radiology and cardiology products

Suitable for the cardiovascular system and oncologic interventions...

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Gastroenterology products

ERCP endoscopy line, haemostasis, biopsy, polypectomy, FNA needles, ligation devices

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Urology products

For the treatment of complications on the upper and lower urology system, endo-urology...

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General surgery implants 

Implants for inguinal hernias, eventration umbilical hernias, crural hernias, groin hernias treatment...

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Drainage products

Systems for chest drainage, percutaneous drainage, fluted drainage, wound drainage ... 

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Medical Gloves 

Sterile exam/tion gloves, surgical, orthopedic, microsurgery, wet donning and non-sterile exam/tion latex gloves, nitrile

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Hemostatic products

ORC hemostatic gauzes, multi-layer fibrillar, high density, hemostatic gelatin sponges...

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Catheter portfolio

Hemodialysis, central venous, embolectomy, irrigation, Levin-Salem catheters...

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